**  Order your Fully Cooked Turkey Dinner **

All you have to do is heat & serve

Traditional Dinner Includes:                                  $280.00

 Whole, fully cooked turkey 14-16 lbs.; serves 6-8 with leftovers

 Red skin mashed potatoes or mashed sweet potatoes

 Seasoned stuffing (v)

 Green bean casserole

 Steamed sweet white corn

 Homemade cranberry sauce

 Fresh turkey gravy

 1 dozen soft dinner rolls

  Deluxe Dinner includes all of the above plus:           $305.00

 1 apple crumb or pumpkin pie

 1 loaf homemade cranberry bread


*does not include tax or delivery


Simply Gourmet offers a variety of catering services.

We have over 20 years of experience with corporate catering, weddings, event platters, repast services, parties, holiday meals, individually boxed events,  and much much more...

Below you will find a few sample menus, but we truly enjoy working with you to create a personal, custom designed event!!

Please call us to discuss your catering needs!!



                  Sample Catering Menu

Cold Appetizer Platters                                                          Large 18” platters

Cheese, fruit & cracker crudités platter                                        $75.00                

Homemade hummus, pita wedges & chopped veggie crudités        $65.00

Caprese fresh veggie kabobs w/balsamic glaze drizzle                   $75.00

Jumbo Shrimp Cocktail                                                          market price

Mini “Cuban” stacks ( Swiss, ham & pickle)                                  $75.00

                       variety of hot appetizers also available upon request


Sandwich Platters             Large $80.00      feeds 15-20         Small $45.00     feeds 8-10

Turkey, lettuce & provolone with cranberry spread on petite ciabatta roll

House made waldorf chicken salad on petite roll

Tuscan Italian: thin sliced prosciutto, fresh mozz, rstd pepper, greens on semolina bread with balsamic drizzle

Tuscan Eggplant: crispy eggplant cutlet, fresh mozz, rstd pepper, greens on semolina bread with balsamic drizzle (veg)

Shaved roast beef with caramelized onions & creamy horseradish drizzle on ciabatta roll

Tuna Salad on soft petite roll  OR Egg salad on a croissant 

Wrap Platters                   Large $80.00       feeds 15-20           Small $45.00    feeds 8-10

Grilled Asparagus, fresh mozzarella and roasted red pepper wrap   (veg)

California turkey wrap; bacon, herbed avocado spread, greens, and tomato

Diced Fresh Veggie pinwheel wrap w/ranch cream cheese spread    (veg)

Shredded chicken Caesar wrap

Asian chicken crunch wrap

Gourmet Salads                                     Large $65.00                Small $35.00

Asian chopped cabbage salad with green onions & crunchy lo mien noodles

Cheese tortellini salad tossed in a brown mustard vinaigrette

Chopped kale & Brussel sprout salad tossed with bowtie pasta

House made macaroni or potato salad

Mixed greens, caramelized apples, craisins & feta cheese with honey balsamic drizzle

Mediterranean Orzo salad with diced fresh mozz, rst peppers & sundried tomatoes

 Hot Trays                                                                             Full (15-20)           Half (8-10)

Chicken Francese                                                                          $85.00           $45.00

Penne a-la-vodka sauce, baked ziti, or pasta & broccoli                     $70.00           $40.00

Slow Cooked House made pulled pork in “kickin”  bbq sauce              $110.00         $60.00

Grilled kielbasa with sauerkraut & caramelized onions                       $90.00           $50.00

Eggplant rollatini                                                                           $80.00           $40.00

Sausage, peppers & onions                                                            $90.00           $50.00

Homemade Meatballs  in marinara or Swedish style                          $80.00           $40.00

Honey glazed boneless chicken with sweet potatoes                         $85.00           $45.00

Homemade savory 3 cheese Mac & Cheese                                      $80.00           $40.00

Vegetarian lasagna in a creamy pink sauce                                      $95.00           $50.00                                                     

Salmon Filets drizzled in a ginger soy reduction                                $90.00           $50.00

Fresh roasted/grilled vegetables                                                     $70.00           $40.00

                          ** Additional selections upon request as well as many seasonal dishes available**


Homemade assorted cookie platter                   $9.95 / dozen

Creamy  cheesecake cups                                $9.95 / dozen

Apple cobbler cups                                          $9.95 / dozen

Brownie bites                                                 $9.95 / dozen

Fresh cut fruit bowl                                    large = $75.00     small = $40.00

home made tiramisu                                        $45.00 / half tray


Canned soft drinks

Bottled water

Infused waters

Coffee Service

** prices available upon request**

(Prices are subject to change based on current market trends)
Service Staff & Rentals
Service staff:  $30.00 per hour per server (plus gratuity) (4 hour minimum)
Rental quotes upon request (linens, upgraded disposable china etc…)
Bar Services:
Our hired service staff will be available to serve any “client purchased” beverages & mixers
(Advanced notice required)
Simply Gourmet prides itself on working personally with each and every client
to customize their event based on their specific needs. 
If you have any custom requests, please do not hesitate to discuss them with us.

                      "To Go"  Boxed Meal Menu

$30.00 minimum per order 
Make it a “DELUXE” and add a “BEVERAGE” and a “DESSERT”
24-hour notice is all we need!

BREAKFAST COMBOS:          Regular = $8.00               Deluxe = $10.50
Main Selections:
Bacon, egg & cheese on Kaiser                   Yogurt, berry & granola parfait
Scrambled Eggs                                                 Egg & Cheese Wrap
Jumbo Chocolate Chip Muffin              Large Bagel with Cream cheese or butter
Side Selections:
Hard Boiled Egg                Hash Brown                          Bacon
   Sausage links                    Apple slices                 Blueberry or corn muffin      
Fruit/Vegetable Selections:
Apple slices – applesauce - orange slices – cupped mandarin oranges – grapes


LUNCH COMBOS:               Regular = $10.00                 Deluxe = $12.50
Main Selections:
All-Natural Baked Chicken Tenders          Homemade Mac & Cheese 
100% All Beef Hamburger (or cheese)              Italian sub – 6”
Chicken Caesar wrap                          Buttered Noodles 
      Flatbread Pizza                   Turkey, cranberry, provolone on Kaiser 
Rice Balls                               Grilled Cheese Sliders
Grilled or Crispy chicken ciabatta sandwich (with fresh moz, rst peppers)

Roast beef, caramelized onions & horseradish drizzle on ciabatta roll
Side Selections:
String cheese      Lays chips      Tostitos       Soft pretzel    Fruit Yogurt  
Garlic Breadstick     Chicken & rice soup       Lentil soup       Hummus & pita wedges
Fruit/Vegetable Selections:
Apple slices – applesauce - orange slices – cupped mandarin oranges – grapes – veggies & dip

DINNER COMBOS:           Regular = $12.00                 Deluxe = $14.50
Main Selections:
Chicken Francese         Sausage, peppers & Onions         Meatballs Parmesan
BBQ baby back ribs           Eggplant Rollatini            Stuffed Shells
Penne a-la-Vodka            Homemade Meatloaf            Shrimp Scampi
Chicken Cutlet Milanese              Mac & Cheese      Baked Salmon (ginger or pesto)
Side Selections:
Garlic Bread           yellow saffron rice                  penne
Meatballs                   mashed potatoes                     green beans
Fruit/Vegetable Selections:
Apple slices – applesauce - orange slices – cupped mandarin oranges – grapes – veggies & dip
Side salad - steamed corn – steamed green beans – cooked carrots  

ADD A BEVERAGE or DESSERT                  $1.50 each
       16 oz bottled water – organic fruit juice pouch – La Croix canned seltzer –              ½ pint chocolate milk
Chocolate chunk cookie – snickerdoodle – smore pastry

     * If you have extenuating circumstances, please let us know!  We will work with you!